Nationality: British

Cee Cee

Cee Cee is perfect. She will be working at Annabellas in MK and at House of Divine in London


Courtney- Wowed me at her face to face what a beauty. British and delicious. She joins the team in Annabellas. WOWSERS Caucasian Brunette


London favourite Chanel is coming to Milton Keynes


Gorgeous curvy sexy merchant of sin.


A ‘firm’ favourite returns to Annabellas and House of Divine if the shapely form of Bonnie.


A lady that needs no introduction. Naughty Foxy is a lady that you would most certainly like to hunt. Foxy offers a top class service, filthy and fun. Available in  Central Milton Keynes. Photos taken 0n 17th July 2021. Foxy is fully vaccinated.    


Morgan – Highly addictive and extremely seductive British brunette, keen to please. Morgan is a keeper and a must see in MK. Photos taken November 2021


Gorgeous English blonde, Riley. Pale skinned, very, very naught and flirtatious.


British allstar ‘Danni’ comes to Milton Keynes. You’re in for a treat guys. Danni is very very friendly and candid. Not a shrinking violet or some Eastern Block Ice Maiden. Basically like going back to 1998 when it was fun. Note, Danni only works from 11 am until 6 pm

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